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Cordon Multi-Target Photo Radar System

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Cordon Multi-Target Photo Radar System

Key Features

  • Advanced radar simultaneously measures speeds and positions of all


The “CORDON” multi-target photo radar system is designed for automatic detection of speed violations and transfer of violation data to the police back office..

The key feature of the “CORDON” is its ability to simultaneously monitor vehicle speeds of both oncoming and outgoing vehicles in up to four lanes of contiguous traffic. This is accomplished using a single Photo Radar sensor.

There are two video clips that demonstrate the CORDON's capabilities: one-way and two-way trafficcontrol.

“CORDON” is installed on the roadside at the distance of 1-4 meters from roadway. Speed sensor is mounted on any fixed structures (street-lighting poles, advertizing bulletins, etc.) at the height 5 - 10 meters using specialized pan-and-tilt mounting bracket.

The sensor automatically measures speeds of all vehicles in enforcement zone and records a pair of images for every violator:

  • Wide-angle image of all targets within the camera field of view, with the violator clearly identified.
  • A close-up image of each violator with a clearly visible license plate.

The violation data is saved to memory card and can be transferred to Police back office for further processing.      Data transfer can be performed in several ways:

  • Permanent Ethernet connection – wired connection or fiber optic communication line.
  • Secure wireless communication channels (3G, Wi­‑Fi).


Radiation frequency 24.15 ± 0.05 GHz (K-band)
Speed measurement accuracy* ±2 km/h
Speed measurement range 20 to 250 km/h
Speed threshold setting step 1 km/h 
Instant target coordinates detection error:
— by range
— by bearing
1 m
Quantity of traffic lanes, controlled by one speed sensor Up to 4 lanes
Number of targets saved on data card (32 GB)  at least 80 000targets
Supply voltage (with included power unit) 110—260 V, 50—60 Hz
Max power consumption (with heaters on) 100 W
Operating temperatures**  –40 up to +50 °С
— sensor
— power supply unit

11.5 kg
3.1 kg
Overall dimensions:
— sensor
— power supply unit

400 х 330 x 200 mm
340 х 220 x 130 mm 
* Doesn't depend on measurement distance.
** Special modification with extended temperature range is available by request.

Key Features

  • Advanced radar simultaneously measures speeds and positions of all vehicles in up to four lanes of traffic.
  • High resolution camera allows real-time automatic license plate recognition on four traffic lanes simultaneously. A strict correlation between measured speed and the responsible vehicle is provided.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of both oncoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Automatic saving of violation data on memory card.
  • Nighttime operation using embedded IR spotlights.
  • On-board GPS/GLONASS navigation unit provides the geographical coordinates for the violation record.
  • Protection of embedded software and output data from unauthorized change.
  • The system is installed at the roadside. It allows avoiding traffic closure, and building of specialized structures is not required.
  • Easy sensor orientation and set up using touch-screen display.
  • Ability to transfer recorded violation data to back office via wire or wireless communication channels.
  • Ability to export recorded violation data via backup communication channel (Wi‑Fi).

Additional features:

  • Automatic detection of vehicles driving on the wrong side of the road.
  • Automatic detection of traffic on roadside or bus lane violations.
  • Real-time surveillance of enforcement zone.
  • Recording of series of images (to secure evidence). Time interval between frames can be preset.
  • Recording of stream video (optional, requires additional SSD).
  • Gathering of traffic intensity statistics.

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