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M2150 8DC

Symmetry M2150 Door Controllers

M2150 8DC

M2150 8DC

The multiNODE M2150 range of controllers provides distributed intelligence for your access control system and ensures complete system security, resilience and reliability. When integrated with Symmetry security management software, the M2150 controller range delivers a seamless security management system to protect all types of buildings while maintaining a low cost of ownership.

The M2150-8DC is an access control door controller for 8 card readers. The 8DC is used to expand the door capacity of an intelligent controller up to a maximum of 16 doors using an RS485 connection. The 8DC is compatible with the M2150 2DBC, 4DBC, 8DBC, DBU and EN-DBU intelligent controllers. A range of wall and rack enclosure options is available.

Key Features     

  • Modular mix and match configuration
  • Connects to Symmetry management software via LAN, WAN, RS232 or Modem
  • Each M2150 can control up to 16 doors and readers
  • Manages 20,000 card holders and 65,000 offline transactions (expandable to 250,000 cardholders (1 million with use of EN-DBU))
  • Connect smart card, proximity or legacy magstripe readers using multiNODE current loop protocol (MCLP)
  • Wiegand and Biometric reader support using optional WIM
  • Elevator model controls up to 64 floors
  • Wireless and secure AES Encrypted communication options
  • Available with or without enclosure and power supply
  • UL Listings: UL 294, UL 1076 

Expansion beyond 16 doors is achieved by installing additional DBCs and DCs as required, providing solutions that can scale up to many thousands of doors. Each DBC can manage 20,000 cardholders, and this can be increased to a maximum of 250,000 using plug-in memory modules.

The M2150 DBU offers the ultimate in flexibility and system design architecture by delivering database intelligence with connectivity to remote door controllers. 

The M2150 range of controllers provides a resilient and fault tolerant access control solution that will continue to operate in the unlikely event of database server or network infrastructure failure.

Using additional input or output modules and controllers the M2150 range can be extended to manage a number of applications, including alarm monitoring.

M2150 Door Controller (DC)
Extends DBU and DBC to support up to 16 readers. Connects to DBU via RS485. including enclosure and 3.5A 12VDC power supply (20VAC or 24VDC input). Also available with fitted transformer.

Reference Model Doors Enclosure  Size
G4T-M2150-002 8DC    8 CAB3A W: 16.5in (420mm), H: 21.7in (550mm), D: 3.7in (95mm)
M2150-8DC 8DC 8 Board only W: 11.03in (280mm), H: 10.24in (260mm)

Input and Output Modules
Plug-in input and output modules mount onto the DC to provide additional inputs and outputs. The 8DC supports one module.
Reference Inputs Outputs Size
M2150-AC8/4 8 4 W: 4.53in (115mm), H: 3.23in (82mm)
M2150-OC4/8 4 8 W: 4.53in (115mm), H: 3.23in (82mm)

Reference Description
MN-CAB3A +PSU-KIT Hinged lid enclosure with lock and 3.5A 12VDC power supply (20VAC or 24VDC input).
  W: 16.5in (420mm) H: 21.7in (550mm), D: 3.7in (95mm).
  Available space for: One 8DC
MN-CAB4A +PSU-KIT Hinged lid enclosure with lock and 3.5A 12VDC power supply (20VAC or 24VDC input).
  W: 19.7in (500mm), H: 22in (560mm), D: 4.1in (105mm)
  Available space for: One 8DC plus any one of the following: AC24/4, OC4/24, 4DC
MN-CAB5 +PSU-KIT Hinged lid enclosure with lock and 6A 12VDC power supply (20VAC or 24VDC input).
  W: 20.8in (529mm), H: 26.2in (666mm), D: 4.1in (105mm)
  Available space for: One, or any two of the following: 8DBC or 8DC
RAK3 19” 2U Rack Mount Enclosure and 3.5A 12VDC power supply (100 to 240VAC input).
  Available space for: One 8DC

Optional Components
Reference Description
WIM8 Wiegand interface module for 8DC. Enables connection of 8 Wiegand readers




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