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M2150 Elevator Controller

Symmetry M2150 Door Controllers

M2150 Elevator Controller


M2150 Elevator Controller

multiNODE 2150 Elevator Controller   
Symmetry provides advanced features for elevator control and security as part of an integrated Symmetry Access Control System. The Symmetry multiNODE 2150 Elevator controller controls access to up to 64 floors across up to 4 elevator cabs. Card readers can be inside or outside the elevator.
The Symmetry Elevator controller is configured using Symmetry software, but the distributed intelligence of the controller allows it to make all access decisions locally. A passenger presents a valid card at the reader - either inside or outside the elevator -  and presses the button of the desired floor in the elevator cab. If the card is authorized for the selected floor, the elevator delivers the passenger to that floor. If the card is not authorized for the selected floor, the elevator remains at its current location. In both instances, the Elevator controller records the event in its transaction buffer and sends the information to Symmetry. Should communication be interrupted, the elevator controller continues to operate, making all access decisions and recording all transactions. When communication is restored, the controller sends any stored transactions back to Symmetry.       

Each Symmetry Elevator Controller can control up to 4 elevators, and a total of up to 64 floors. Controllers can be hard-wired or connected over the network to Symmetry as desired for the installation. 
Symmetry also integrated with elevator Destination Dispatch systems. Please ask for more details.


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