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OC4-24 Output Controller

Symmetry M2150 Door Controllers

OC4-24 Output Controller

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OC4-24 Output Controller

OC4-24 Alarms Controller  
The OC4/24 Output Controller is part of the M2150 range of door controllers for the Symmetry Access Control and Integrated Security System. The OC4/24 Output Controller provides 24 outputs and an additional 4 inputs and is used when the OC4/8 output module does not provide adequate capacity.
Separate input modules and controllers are also available.


When additional outputs are required - beyond those for door control which are included on every door controller - the expansion options are the M2150 OC4/8 plug-in module which provides 8 additional outputs and 4 inputs, or the M2150 OC4/24 Output Controller which adds 24 outputs and an additional 4 inputs.
Multiple OC4/24 can be combined on a single M2150 controller, taking the place of 4 additional doors.


Key Features      

  • Modular mix and match configuration
  • Connects to Symmetry management software via LAN, WAN, RS232 or Modem
  • Each M2150 can control up to 16 doors and readers
  • Manages 20,000 card holders and 65,000 offline transactions (expandable to 250,000 cardholders)
  • Connect smart card, proximity or legacy magstripe readers using multiNODE current loop protocol (MCLP)
  • Wiegand and Biometric reader support using optional WIM
  • Elevator model controls up to 64 floors
  • Wireless and secure AES Encrypted communication options
  • Available with or without enclosure and power supply

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